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Rachel Maddow Calls Journalist Michael Hastings ‘Angry,’ ‘Loving,’ and ‘Fearless’ (Video)

The MSNBC host paid tribute to the late journalist who was killed in a car accident on Tuesday.

Rachel Maddow paid tribute during her MSNBC show Tuesday to journalist Michael Hastings, who died earlier that day at just 33 years old.

In the segment, Maddow discussed Hastings' work, from his famous June 2010 Rolling Stone profile of Stanley McChrystal, to his books, including "I Lost My Love In Baghdad," a deeply personal narrative about his then-girlfriend's murder in Iraq.

Maddow also spoke about Hastings as a friend.

She said, "Michael Hastings did not write to make friends, but if you were his friend, he was an inspiring and exciting and original and deeply loveable guy."

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Maddow beautifully described Hastings, who wrote for BuzzFeed as well as other publications, as a fearless reporter, and as a person.

"Michael was angry. He was also loving, and thoughtful, and constructive, and brilliant, but he was angry about things that weren't right in the world," she said. "He was angry with things that weren't right in the world, and with war, and with loss, and that drove his reporting and it made him fearless when he realized he had found something important that he could report. A lot of people in the news business want to seem unafraid. Michael Hastings was actually unafraid."

Hastings died in a car crash in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.

Here is the tribute:

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