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Rachel Maddow Chews Out Media for Booking Iraq War ‘Yahoos’ Who Got It Wrong the First Time (Video)

The MSNBC host took the news shows to task for booking numerous pundits who got the Iraq War wrong in 2003

Rachel Maddow slammed the news talk shows on her program Tuesday for booking previous advocates of the Iraq War — who she calls “yahoos” — to give their thoughts on the growing sectarian violence in the region despite getting it all wrong to begin with.

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“Hey Sunday shows, hey op-ed pages, hey cable news, hey everybody,” Maddow said. “We know you are tempted to keep booking these yahoos on these subjects. But if you keep turning to the people who were famously wrong about Iraq to ask them about to do about Iraq, you at least will be laughed at. And you will be embarrassed that you did this. And you will eventually have to apologize or at least explain yourself for why you thought Bill Kristol should be explaining what to do now. We can see what you’re doing. And it’s funny, but not in a good way.”

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Maddow singled out Arizona Senator John McCain for being used as a guest on so many different news talk shows despite his errors in judgment about the run up to the Iraq war.

“Because John McCain was so wrong about Iraq, it is frustrating to see him everywhere, right?” Maddow said. “On the Sunday shows, on the cable news shows, in the paper with reporters following him around the Capitol now, as if his previous abject and consequentially terrible failures on this exact subject somehow make him worthy of listening to about that exact same subject right now.”

Watch the video:

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