Rachel Maddow Details Her Odd Phone Call With Trump to Seth Meyers (Video)

“We kind of dished dirt on all the things he thought was wrong with all his Republican primary opponents,” MSNBC host says

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow visited “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Tuesday night to recount a bizarre phone call she once had with Donald Trump.

“I talked to him during the primaries. He was an announced candidate. The campaign had said, ‘You are gonna get an interview. We want you to talk to him, he wants to have a preliminary conversation. It’s very off-the-record, you can never say that the call happened. You can not record it. You can not talk about this call, but this call has to happen and then we’re gonna give you the interview if the call goes well,’” Maddow said. “I was like ‘this is weird.”

Maddow continued. “I had this conversation with him. It became clear that maybe the reason he wanted to do an interview with me is because I sort of said he had good chances against his Republican primary opponents… we kind of dished dirt on all the things he thought was wrong with all his Republican primary opponents.”

The MSNBC star said that Trump told her she could use the phone call, instead of scheduling an actual interview as promised. She then joked about what she was thinking after the call. “This was not on TV… there is no recording of this conversation,” Maddow said. “What do you mean I can use this?”

Maddow’s interview with Trump never occurred and she admitted to Meyers that he probably wouldn’t be appearing on her show anytime soon even though he “loves cable news.”

Since Trump won the election, Maddow’s ratings have skyrocketed as she holds the president accountable on a nightly basis. She made national news in March when she revealed a portion of Trump’s mysterious tax returns and has been among the industry leaders in pointing out the president’s mishaps.

Check out the video above.