Rachel Maddow on EP Bill Wolff Departing for ‘The View’: ‘A Sweet New Job on an Easy Show’

MSNBC host sends her executive producer to ABC with a funny and moving tribute on “The Rachel Maddow Show”

Rachel Maddow Show Bill Wolff MSNBC

Rachel Maddow took a break from covering the unrest in Ferguson, Mo. to provide a touching send-off to executive producer Bill Wolff, who is leaving her MSNBC show to replace Bill Geddie at “The View.”

“Today marks the end of an era in the ‘Rachel Maddow Show’s’ almost six years of history,” Maddow said on Friday. “Today our staff said goodbye to our executive producer Bill Wolff.”

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“He is leaving us,” Maddow continued. “And he is not leaving us for any bad reason: Bill apparently got some sweet new job on an easy show with a much better schedule,” she joked, referencing ABC talker “The View.”

She then sung Wolff’s praises and irreplaceable value, airing a touching and humorous montage of her longtime exec producer’s on and off-camera work.

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Maddow signed off by calling Wolff the “perfect combo of nerd and schmaltz and enthusiasm and mensch,” wishing him all the best.

She then passed the timeslot change off to Lawrence O’Donnell, as per usual, who also chimed in on Wolff’s impact. “Rachel we are losing nothing less than the funniest executive producer in the history of cable news,” he said.

The below clip proves that. Watch the video: