Rachel Maddow Flames GOP for Campaigning on ‘What America Most Needs: Banks to Make More Money’ | Video

“This is not a popular suite of policy proposals from the Republican Party,” the MSNBC host says

Rachel Maddow flamed the Republican Party on Monday for the Republican Party’s continued efforts to give America what it “most needs: for banks to make more money off people who took out loans to go to college.”

The four-minute evisceration began with the MSNBC host breaking down President Joe Biden’s speech in Wisconsin earlier that day, which saw him announce a new plan to forgive student loans and intereset. This, after the GOP “already sued and successfully blocked” multiple previous efforts from the president to “help people who are drowning under big student loan payments,” Maddow explained.

“The substance is straightforward and important. The politics are straightforward and important for President Biden. But just as important are the politics on the other side,” Maddow said. “Now, President Biden has announced this latest plan today in Wisconsin. And so, new Republican lawsuits against that one are expected any minute as well.”

Reflecting on “what that means” for the American college graduate and voter, Maddow emphasized that “Republicans are suing to make sure that Americans have to pay more in student loans, to make sure that you have to pay more interest to banks on your student loans.”

She then mocked such efforts, sarcastically stating that “in this election year,” that’s the issue that Americans are concerned about most.

“Isn’t that really — you know, morally — isn’t that a real justice issue for America?” Maddow said.

“Everything is so personality-driven in the way we talk about politics, it sometimes just doesn’t get covered,” she continued. “But what the Republicans are offering in terms of policy right now, what they’re actually doing in places where they have power, it’s all stuff like this.”

The MSNBC host then listed through various other hot-button issues that the Republican Party generally puts its weight against — despite those same issues like in vitro fertilization, abortion, student loan forgiveness and social security being “supported by 70, 80, 90% of Americans in some cases.”

“So, yeah, if I were them, I’d prefer personality-driven politics coverage as well,” she quipped.

Watch the full “Rachel Maddow Show” segment in the video above.


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