‘$100,000 Pyramid’ Contestant Explains Osama-Obama Epic Fail

“Worst Pyramid guess of all time”

'The $100,000 Pyramid' People Whose Last Name is Obama

New dad Evan Kaufman gave one of the worst clues in “$100,000 Pyramid” history, but the self-deprecating ABC contestant has a good explanation for his Obama-Bin Laden snafu. Or at least, he has an explanation.

First, watch the uncomfortable Sunday night game show moment unfold:

Before you freak, Kaufman wants you to know that he voted for Barack Obama twice and would have a third time if not for that pesky Constitution. Kaufman is a self-proclaimed “Globalist Cuck.”

And now, go ahead, Evan. We’re listening:

So are we collectively laughing at Evan or with him? Let us know in the comments section.