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Meet the Racist, Anti-Semitic Reddit Troll Who Claims Credit for Trump’s Anti-CNN Body-Slam Tweet

A Reddit user called HanAssholeSolo celebrates a retweet by the ”God Emperor himself“

A Reddit user with the online handle HanAssholeSolo — and a history of racist and anti-Semitic commentary — has claimed credit for originating the anti-CNN video clip that President Trump notoriously tweeted Sunday morning.

Wow!! I never expected my meme to be retweeted by the God Emporer himself!!! from The_Donald

“Wow!! I never expected my meme to be retweeted by the God Emperor himself!!!” HanAssholeSolo wrote on Reddit.

Earlier Sunday, POTUS tweeted a Reddit video, which was an altered 2007 clip from Wrestlemania of the president body-slamming and punching WWE CEO Vince McMahon, but with McMahon’s face replaced by a CNN logo. The tweet has evoked harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle for its violent and angry imagery aimed at the press.

The Reddit user has a history of provocative posts on the pro-Trump r/The_Donald subreddit. He/she has a particular propensity for venomous comments about Muslims, liberals and African Americans. However, online detectives noted that the user had edited previous posts to remove the N-word and comments about killing Muslims, reports Quartz via Slate – most likely because he/she predicted coming under public scrutiny after claiming ownership of the Trump/CNN wrestling meme.

One comment on a thread titled “ALLAH WHO?” reads, “500,000 dead Muslims is a good start. Kill the rest and I’ll be impressed.” On a separate thread concerning Congressional Democrat lawsuits against Trump, the user wrote, “F– liberals they need to just buy some rope and hang themselves. If they had done the same s– to Obama in the first six months in office they’d have burned DC down.”

HanAssholeSolo even dropped a racial slur in one comment: “What fires 200 shots into a crowd and only hits the pavement? A n–r.”

Twitter user Jared Yates Sexton shared another Reddit post from HanAssholeSolo in which the user had placed Jewish stars next to pictures of CNN staffers.

According to Reddit Investigator, HanAssholeSolo has been active on Reddit since late 2015. It is unclear who this mysterious user is, but whoever it is, he/she is clearly overjoyed by the shoutout from “God Emperor” Trump.