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Nicolas Cage Will Stop At Nothing To Rescue His Daughter in ‘Rage’ Trailer’ (Video)

It’s like ‘Taken,’ but with Nicolas Cage!

On the surface, “Rage” looks like a fairly standard action film. A mild-mannered father taps into his darker side after his teenage daughter is abducted, going to radical lengths to get her back. What makes it special is that the father is played by Nicolas Cage. As a fun aside, the daughter is played by Aubrey Peeples, who’ll soon be rocking out as the star of “Jem and the Holograms.”

This is Nic Cage in full-on, wild-eyed, action-star mode. He plays Paul Maguire, a seemingly innocuous man with a very dark past that he taps into on his quest to rescue his daughter. In fact, it’s likely that her abduction is that secret past coming back to haunt him. The film’s trailer showcases all of the action-film staples, from gunfire to car chases to massive explosions. Paul even has a wise older man, portrayed by Danny Glover, trying to convince him not to go too deep.

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When asked how deep he was willing to go to save his daughter, Paul Maguire’s answer was, “How deep is Hell?”

Fans will get the chance to see this Hannibal Pictures/Patriot Pictures film on demand starting June 10, a full month before it’s limited release in theaters on July 11. The film was directed by Paco Cabezas from a script by James Agnew and Sean Keller. It also stars Rachel Nichols, Michael McGrady, Peter Stormare and Max Ryan.