‘The Raid 2’ Trailer: Car Chases, Prison Riots, Oodles of Violence (Video)

Jakarta is the backdrop for the battles in this follow-up

A single building can’t contain this carnage.

A new trailer for “The Raid 2: Berandal” hit the web this week and the follow-up to the Indonesian cult hit finds the cop hero of the first film taking on underworld forces throughout Jakarta. He even his forced to go to prison as part of an undercover gambit that finds him trying to infiltrate a violent crime syndicate.

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The cop (Iko Uwais) is tasked with cozying up to a new mob boss by making nice with his imprisoned son. Gareth Evans, who made the first film such memorable and bloody fun, writes and directs the sequel.

The action in “The Raid” was largely consigned to one tenement, but this one appears to have a wider canvas over which to paint its martial arts mayhem. There’s car chases, gun fights and ominous classical music to get fanboys in the mood.

The film will premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and will unload on these shores on March 28.

Watch the video: