Rainn Wilson: Dwight Spin-Off Would Be ‘Even More Far Out and Weird’ Than ‘The Office’ (Video)

The new show, set on the Schrute beet farm, would include a "crazy menagerie of characters," Wilson says

Rainn Wilson says a prospective spin-off centering on Dwight Schrute and life on his beet farm would be "even more far out and weird" than "The Office."

Wilson told E! on the SAG Awards red carpet Sunday that the new series would also feature Dwight interacting with a "crazy menagerie of characters."

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"It could be really cool, because it would be on his farm, which would be a bed and breakfast, and have a crazy menagerie of characters," Wilson said. "It would be even more far out and weird than 'The Office.' So we're talking about it. It's a good idea. We're mulling it over."

Check out the interview below, which also includes Wilson sharing memories of his first TV role, playing a homicidal stand-up comedian named Casey Keegan on "One Life to Live":