Ralph Fiennes Circling Bond 23

Oscar nominee in talks to join Daniel Craig in the latest 007 adventure

After his turn in the "Harry Potter" films, there's no question Ralph Fiennes can do bad better than any actor out there. 

So it's no wonder that director Sam Mendes reportedly wants "The Constant Gardener" star to bring the same villainous intensity to the next James Bond film. 

An executive close to the production of Bond 23 tells the Daily Mail that Mendes wants Fiennes to play a "darkly complex role."

A spokesperson for MGM, which is producing the film, declined to comment and a spokesperson for Fiennes did not immediately return TheWrap's calls. 

It is also reportedly a different part than the villain role Javier Bardem is currently being approached to play, making this perhaps the most star-studded 007 outing ever. 

"I was told Fiennes was approached because ‘the part is one of extreme complexity and only an actor of great ability and dexterity can take it on — and Ralph’s name is top of our list," the executive told the Mail.

What makes the potential casting of Fiennes ironic is that more than a decade and a slightly less receding hairline ago, the English actor was shortlisted as a possible replacement Bond for outgoing Timothy Dalton — a part that eventually went to Pierce Brosnan. 

With Daniel Craig back on board as 007, Bond 23  goes into production later this year and premieres Nov. 9, 2012.