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Rand Paul Tells ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Why Semi-Automatic Weapons Should Stay Legal (Video)

”Come to Kentucky,“ GOP candidate propositions Whoopi Goldberg

As a Republican senator from Kentucky, it comes as no surprise that Rand Paul is a big defendant of the right to bear arms. On Wednesday, he explained to the women of “The View” why he believes the Second Amendment should continue to cover legal ownership of semi-automatic weapons.

But first, Paul had to educate Whoopi Goldberg on the difference between semi-automatic weapons and fully, illegal automatic weapons — something the moderator didn’t seem to understand.

“People do hunt with them,” Paul countered the comedian’s opinion, “and people do also shooting and sport-shooting and target shooting and things with these guns.”

“Come to Kentucky, and I’ll introduce you [to them],” he continued. There’s a lot of people who like and enjoy this as a sport.”

Personal opinions aside, Paul explained that to ban these weapons would be such a huge legal nightmare, and might eventually require a Constitutional amendment.

Either way, he doesn’t want one person — even the President of the United States, even if that is him — to have to ability to make that big a decision alone.

So, stop it with that executive orders, Obama.

Watch Paul’s entire segment above.