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Blacklight Transmedia Partners Up With Random House

Zak Kadison’s company, which has a first-look deal at Imagine Entertainment, will work with Random House to develop projects

Zak Kadison's Blacklight Transmedia has formed a partnership with Random House.

Blacklight, which has a first-look deal at Imagine Entertainment, has formed a partnership with the publishing company to co-develop stories that can become books, comics, graphic novels, movies, TV shows and video games.

The deal is similar to one Random House entered in April with the video game publisher THQ Inc.

Under the deal, Blacklight can bring projects to Random House and Random House can bring projects to Blacklight. They're already working on several, although they're not ready to say much about them.

Random House has a team that already does "bible" development for hire. If, for instance, a video game company has an idea for a game — but hasn't fully broadened out the storyline or storylines — it can hire Random House to develop an entire world for the game.

Blacklight, which Kadison (above, right) started in 2009, finds stories and develops them concurrently as movies, TV shows, graphic novels, video games and other media.

The partnership with Random House also means that screenwriters and directors who work with Blacklight will have easier access to Random House authors.