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Randy Rainbow Begs Biden for a COVID Vaccine in New Parody Song (Video)

”I don’t mean to sounds obscene, but I want my freakin’ vaccine,“ Rainbow pleads

Randy Rainbow really wants to get out of quarantine. So, in his latest parody video, he’s begging President Biden for his first dose of a COVID vaccine.

The video marks Rainbow’s first interview — or as Rainbow puts it, his first kiki — with the new president, though he does immediately reference Donald Trump, asking Biden, “Could you, maybe at some point, just like curse, or say something completely looney tunes or offensive? The other guy used to do that and it just made this whole thing a little funnier.”

Biden’s answer is simply maintaining his stonefaced image, not saying a word. Trump does make an appearance though, appearing in Rainbow’s nightmare while complaining, “You don’t ask Biden tough questions.” (As Rainbow reveals to Biden, “I’m still having flashbacks. Sometimes he visits me in my dreams.”)

In fact, the entire song pokes fun at Biden’s rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines. Sung to the tune of “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes, Rainbow starts singing “Mr. Biden. Bring my vaccine. Keep me protected from COVID-19.”

When Rainbow wakes, he returns to his conversation with Biden asking about the U.S. supply of vaccines, sneaking in a quick dunk on Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the process. “Does this mean I can go to Cancun for Spring break with Ted Cruz and the gals?” Rainbow asks.

As the song goes on, Rainbow progressively gets more desperate, explaining just how crazy he’s been driven during quarantine. “Oh won’t you stick me ’til I’m numb and let my happy life resume,” Rainbow sings. “Oh I might murder someone if I see another Zoom.”

Check out the full video above, via Randy Rainbow.