Randy Rainbow’s Trump Debate Spoof Is Super-Callous Fragile-Egocentric Braggadocious (Video)

The Donald gets the Randy Rainbow treatment

Donald Trump just got Randy Rainbow’ed.

The internet’s favorite new spoof man, Randy Rainbow, unleashed his latest video taking on the first presidential debate with an extra bit of gay.

Rainbow, whose viral parodies include Gary Johnson’s “What is Aleppo?” flub and Trump advisor Michael Cohen’s “What polls?” seized on Trump’s “braggadocious” comment and turned it into a full-on musical spin on the “Mary Poppins” classic “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

Merriam-Webster’s official Twitter account roasted The Donald’s misuse of the word, tweeting out: “He was trying for braggadocio.”

Vocabulary.com’s executive editor had this to say about the word last year, when Trump mentioned it during the Republican debates:

“So braggadocious, it’s an adjective formed from the noun braggadocio, which can mean vain and empty boasting,” he told NPR. “In 1853, there was something in The Boston Investigator referring to a swaggering, braggadocious piece of egotism. So it was being used all the way back in the mid-19th century, and it’s popped up from time to time since then.

“It still sounds like a very sort of funny, made-up word. And the Oxford English Dictionary suggests it’s influenced by other words, like ferocious, precocious and atrocious, or that super-long word from ‘Mary Poppins,’ perhaps.”

Watch the video above.