Randy Rainbow’s Spoof of Gary Johnson’s Aleppo Flub Is the Best Video You’ll See Today

“What is Aleppo?”

If you haven’t heard of Randy Rainbow, you’re either:

A) Straight
B) Really old
C) Stuck under a heavy truck and can’t reach your phone

If it’s A or B, you’re in for a treat.

Mr. Rainbow is quickly becoming an internet sensation among millennials and political junkies thanks to some clever editing and hysterical spoofs of this year’s most viral political moments of the 2016 presidential election.

Created on a green screen in his New York City home, Rainbow writes, shoots and edits everything himself. His spoofs are surprisingly clean and seamless, even to those who’ve spent countless hours in a professional edit room. Most importantly, they can make even the most serious politicos spit out their coffee in laughter.

“It’s all done in my little apartment,” Rainbow told TheWrap. “Just me and my cats staring at me.”

His videos are so funny, they’re now getting noticed by those who’ve gotten the Rainbow treatment.

When Esquire asked CNN’s Brianna Keilar’s about her viral interview with Trump attorney Michael Cohen (“What Polls? All of Them?”) she told the reporter, “I got Randy Rainbow’ed. That was pretty funny.”

And remember the Trump supporter who warned MSNBC’s Joy Reid about taco trucks on every corner? He recently saw Rainbow’s spoof of his interview and was so impressed, he messaged Rainbow to thank him … and even offered to collaborate on another project. The video was viewed 1.6 million times on Rainbow’s Facebook page.

On Friday, Rainbow (yes, that’s his real name, we asked), released his latest spoof … taking on Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson’s “What is Aleppo?” stumble.

(For those who have been stuck under a truck for months, Aleppo is a major city in Syria that’s been engulfed by the nation’s civil war and the refugee crisis recently.)

It’s hard to put into words just how funny this video is … which is why you’ll have to see for yourself.

Watch Johnson getting Randy Rainbow’ed above, and the original video below.