Randy Rainbow Lays Into Trump’s COVID-19 Response in New Song ‘Cover Your Freakin’ Face!’ (Video)

It’s set to the tune of “Put on a Happy Face”

Amid yet more horrible news on the COVID-19 front, Randy Rainbow is back with a new song, this time channeling “Bye Bye Birdie” to skewer Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic.

Called “Cover Your Freakin’ Face!” the track is a parody of “Put on a Happy Face” from the hit 1958 musical. But instead of telling the listener to cheer up, he’s telling POTUS to stop screwing up the national response to coronavirus and also cover up his face — for both aesthetic and national health reasons.

The clip begins with Randy as a member of the White House press corps asking Trump questions pertaining to weird recent statements he’s made but mainly focuses on wearing masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Randy then reveals he stopped at a store to bring Trump several mask options he could try out. After footage of Trump saying he won’t wear masks, the song begins.

“You’re looking awful grouchy, cover your freakin’ face. Listen to Doctor Fauci, cover your freakin’ face,” the song begins. “Don’t wait around for herd immunity, you reckless thug. And what a golden opportunity to hide that mug.”

The song continues from there with a series of good reasons for people to wear masks, including “Think of your poor ailing nana, she’s counting on you.” Rainbow also notes that “maybe if we can’t see your mouth, you won’t say stupid s—.”

Watch the whole clip below. Meanwhile in completely unrelated news, as Los Angeles County tops 100,000 COVID-19 cases, authorities are once again asking people to stay home, and the beaches have been temporarily closed through the fourth of July holiday weekend. So please wear a mask and be safe, everyone.