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Randy Rainbow Roasts Trump’s Response to George Floyd Protests in ‘Bunker Boy’ (Video)

New song parodies unused ‘The Wizard of Oz” song ”The Jitterbug“

In his latest song parody, comedian Randy Rainbow channeled Judy Garland to mock Donald Trump’s response to the nationwide George Floyd protests, and specifically the report that he hid in a bunker to protect himself from protesters.

So, some background for those of you just now catching up. On Friday May 29, as the protests inspired by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers continued to spread, a loud but largely peaceful crowd gathered in front of the White House. Amid this, the secret service took Trump along with his wife Melania and son Barron to the underground bunker on the White House grounds where he remained for about an hour, according to CNN.

Trump was widely mocked for that, and in subsequent days he has attempted to claim his trip to the bunker wasn’t about safety, just a casual inspection of the place. Trump has also been widely mocked for making that claim.

Which brings us back to Randy Rainbow, whose new track “Bunker Boy” lays that situation out, along with jabs at other things Rainbow doesn’t like about Trump. The song actually parodies “The Jitterbug,” a song written and performed for “The Wizard of Oz” but ultimately cut for time. The original song is about the effects of being bitten by magical insects. Rainbow’s version is, well, you can read.

“A commander in chief might address all the grief and what’s happening out in the streets. But he’s only a clown so he hides underground and he sits on the toilet and tweets,” the song says. “So be careful not to scare him, he’s a flower. The Bunker Boy.”

The song also takes aim at Trump’s attempts to use the military to quell protests, as well as the perceived lack of leadership from Trump on this and other recent issues. You can watch the whole thing above now.