Randy Rainbow Rips Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham in New Parody Song (Video)

“Everyone loves to hate on Ted and Lindsey,” Rainbow sings to the tune of “Kansas City”

Randy Rainbow is back with a new parody, this time targeting two politicians at once. In his latest video, Rainbow pulls double duty by blasting Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham with a song aptly titled “TED and LINDSEY!”

The clip, released Monday morning, finds Rainbow poking fun at the conservative politicians after their trip to the U.S.-Mexico border last month. While there, Cruz posted a video to Twitter in the style of a wildlife documentary, criticizing the Biden administration and claiming that he and other senators had “been listening to and seeing cartel members” who “know that under the current policy, the Biden administration, they can flood over here.”

Using some of that same footage, along with other clips from the trip, Rainbow criticized the politicians’ actions. “‘Cause up til now they didn’t give a rat’s ‘A’ ’bout any border crisis going on,” Rainbow sings. “They oughta be embarrassed by their hypocrisy, stringin’ their constituents along.”

The song is sung to the tune of “Kansas City” from the musical “OKLAHOMA!” and uses this straight-to-the-point zinger as its hook: “Everyone loves to hate on Ted and Lindsey.”

Rainbow continues by really digging in on the hypocrisy angle, singing, “They barely gave a crap when our democracy was hacked, but now they’re dressed in costumes and they’re trying to distract.” (The costume line appears to be a dig at Cruz’s attire worn during his aforementioned Twitter video, in which he’s sporting a fishing shirt and vest.)

Rainbow also took the opportunity to dunk on Cruz for his previous trip to Cancun while Texans struggled through deadly winter storm conditions. “When Texans are in peril and in need of his support, ol’ Teddy’s right there on the ground and holdin’ down the fort. Well, unless he’s relaxing down by the pool at a f—ing five-star resort,” Rainbow sings. “He’s gone about as low as he can go.”

Watch Randy Rainbow’s full parody video here and above.


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