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Randy Travis’ Naked DWI Arrest Video Can Be Released, Judge Orders

Country singer loses bid for an injunction preventing release of the footage

Finally, the world might find out — just where did Randy Travis keep his car keys during his naked DWI arrest?

Country singer Travis has lost another bid to block the release of video from his arrest, with a judge ordering that the footage can be released to the media.

Travis’ latest attempt at obtaining an injunction against the footage’s release came in September, when he filed a lawsuit against Texas officials.

Among other things, Travis argued that the video’s release would run afoul of the Americans With Disabilities Act, as well as the 1st and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

However, in an order signed Thursday, federal judge Sam Sparks was not persuaded by the singer’s arguments.

“The Court finds Travis has failed to carry his heavy burden of establishing the extraordinary remedy of a preliminary injunction is appropriate in this case,” the order reads.

With regard to Travis’ 1st and 14th Amendment claims, Sparks found, “Travis has failed to present actionable constitutional claims. Travis asserts release of his arrest video would be in violation of his First Amendment right to privacy as well as his Fourteenth Amendment right to due process … The required redactions protect Travis’ constitutional privacy interests.”

According to TMZ, Travis was arrested in Texas in 2012 on suspicion of DWI, after his car apparently crashed into a several construction barricades.

The singer, who was naked when officers found him, subsequently threatened to shoot and kill the troopers who arrested him, according to TMZ.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.