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Rapper Killer Mike Accuses Anti-Gun Protestors of Racial Hypocrisy on NRA-TV (Video)

”Because I’m a gun owner, that doesn’t mean that I lack empathy,“ says Run the Jewels MC

Pro-Second Amendment rapper Killer Mike accused anti-gun protestors of racial hypocrisy in an interview with NRA-TV that drew a strong backlash on a day of nationwide marches in favor of gun control.

In a discussion with NRA-TV host and lawyer Colin Noir on Thursday, the rapper, half of the duo Run the Jewels, said African-Americans need guns to protect themselves. He added that not all progressives are genuine allies of African-Americans — and that some progressives are “going to progress us into slavery.”

“A football player just got shot by an armed white man — for a traffic argument. A black teenager got shot by an armed white man in a gas station because… he had played his music loud. Where were you then? Where?” he asked.

He also said he agreed with NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch that “tears of white mothers are like ratings.”

The rapper, whose offstage name is Michael Render, said pro-gun forces want to prevent violence against children as much as gun opponents do — but disagree on how to protect them.

“I have worked as a tireless advocate of children and disenfranchised women in my community. And I have also worked with gun groups like Georgians Against Gun Violence … I say if there’s a table to be sat at, a gun owner needs to be there,” said the rapper.

He also cited the fictional African nation in “Black Panther” that avoided invasion or colonization, saying that in Wakanda, “everybody had guns, and spears, and whatever else you needed.”

And he addressed accusations that Noir is a “lackey” for the NRA, telling critics: “You’re a lackey of the progressive movement because you have never disagreed with the people who tell you what to do.”

His comments did not sit well with gun-control advocates. On a day when countless celebrities joined March for Our Lives events, he was the rare entertainer speaking in favor of gun ownership. And he was perhaps the only celebrity voice from the left.

“In which Killer Mike sides with the @NRA and says gun violence prevention activists didn’t care about the shooting death of Jordan Davis. Jordan’s mother, @lucymcbath, is our national spokeswoman,” wrote Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.

One person on Twitter noted Killer Mike’s support of Bernie Sanders:  “Is there any wonder why @KillerMike worships at the altar of Bernie Sanders? Their self-serving priorities don’t include America’s children.”

“The NRA’s propaganda in general is terrible enough to support in anyway but NRATV is next level dangerous insanity. Just the way they respond after kids are killed in schools is sickening,” another said.

Here’s the video and some reactions: