Ratings: Did the NFL Draft Sack the Networks?

Virtually everything on primetime sank to new lows Thursday

Oh, the humanity.

That was our first reaction upon seeing Thursday’s primetime Nielsen ratings. Seriously, it was just ugly last night.

Among the shows scoring their worst numbers ever (including tying past lows): "CSI," "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains," "Community," the 8:30 special edition of "30 Rock" (Thursday broadcasts only) and "The Marriage Ref." Getting season lows: "Private Practice" and "The Office."

Fox’s "Bones" and "Fringe" also bled viewers, dropping about 15 percent from last week.

One well-known TV scheduling guru speculated via Twitter that coverage of the NFL draft on cable may have depressed the numbers. Or maybe it’s just spring fever.

On the too-little-too-late front, ABC’s "FlashForward" bucked the trend and actually gained about 10 percent week-to-week. So there’s that.

Otherwise, network TV was one giant house of pain Thursday.