‘The View’: Raven-Symone Blames Student for #SpringValleyAssault (Video)

“There’s so much ‘oomph’ or gusto in younger people … they feel like they can pop off at the mouth at an adult,” co-host says of controversial arrest at South Carolina high school

Raven-Symone and the rest of “The View” weighed in on the recent violent South Carolina classroom incident, in which a local male deputy aggressively flipped a high school girl sitting in her desk.

“You do not need to be manhandling a child that way,” the former “Cosby Show” kid star started on the now-viral video, “but at the same time, kids — put your phones away.”

“I used to be scared of my teachers, I was scared to go to the principal,” Raven-Symone continued. “And now, there’s so much ‘oomph’ or gusto in younger people — lack of respect — they feel like they can pop off at the mouth at an adult.”

Joy Behar protested, saying kids shouldn’t be scared in school and that they should enjoy it instead. Paula Faris agreed that end ends definitely didn’t justify the means here, regardless of the minor’s insubordination.

“You can enjoy school, but you have to understand authority,” Raven-Symone responded quickly. “My mom always taught me: I was born this color, I’m gonna have to deal with the things that are happening and you’re going to have to come together and work it out.”

“It sucks sometimes,” she concluded.

Later, on after-show “After The View,” Raven-Symone dug her heels in. “There’s two wrongs,” she insisted.

Deputy Ben Fields was fired on Wednesday as a result of the incident. He was previously suspended during an investigation.

Watch the video above.