Ray and Janay Rice to Sit Down With Matt Lauer in ‘Today’ Exclusive (Video)

“I was furious…I didn’t want to hear any of it. I just knew he hit me, and I was completely over it. I was done,” Janay Rice tells Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview set to air Monday

Last Updated: November 29, 2014 @ 4:20 PM

Hot of the heels of his reinstatement to the NFL, Ray Rice with his wife Janay Rice will sit down with Matt Lauer Monday in a “Today” exclusive.

“I was furious,” Janay Rice told Lauer about her emotions directly after Ray Rice knocked her out in a casino elevator.

“We came home and we didn’t talk the entire ride.  Well, I didn’t speak to him the entire ride home. He tried to talk to me.  I didn’t want to hear any of it.  I just knew he hit me, and I was completely over it.  I was done… I just didn’t even want to entertain it – any explanation.  Of course in the back of my mind and in my heart I knew that our relationship wouldn’t be over because I know that this isn’t us, and it’s not him.”

The interview wil air in two parts on “Today” Monday, December 1st, and Tuesday, December 2nd.

Upon winning reinstatement to the NFL Friday, Rice issued the following statement:

“I made an inexcusable mistake and accept full responsibility for my actions,” Rice said, referring to two disturbing videos that show him knocking out his now-wife, Janay Rice, on an elevator in a casino in Atlantic City on February 15. “I am thankful that there was a proper appeals process in place to address this issue.”

In response to Rice’s reinstatement, the NFL responded:

“We respect Judge Jones’ decision to reinstate Ray Rice from his indefinite suspension for violating the league’s Personal Conduct Policy in an incident of domestic violence. Ray Rice is a free agent and has been eligible to be signed by an NFL team since he was released by the Ravens. Based on Judge Jones’ decision, he will be eligible to play upon signing a new contract.”

All 32 NFL teams are free to sign Rice immediately. Currently, no teams have expressed interest in signing the polarizing running back that could provide a PR nightmare for them.

Watch part of the interview above.