Ray Romano’s Threesome Proposal Advice: Don’t Forget to Include Your Wife (Video)

The key is naming just one of her friends, not two, the “Ice Age” actor tells Conan O’Brien

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:23 AM

Stand-up comic and sitcom star Ray Romano shared some solid post-Valentines Day romance advice to male viewers in Wednesday’s “Conan” audience: If your wife hypothetically asks which of her friends you’d want to have a threesome with, make sure your response still includes her as the other participant.

Romano misunderstood the question and named two, omitting his partner of 26 years.

Looking back on it, Romano told host Conan O’Brien that the question is really of the no-win variety.

“You don’t answer that, you start a fire in your house or something,” he joked.

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Romano, currently on NBC’s “Parenthood,” also shared the story of taking his 14-year-old to see the Seth MacFarlane movie “Ted.” A hostile encounter ensued with his wife on the way to the raunchy, R-rated comedy when Romano let the word “pussy” flow freely around the car. For what it’s worth, the joke “killed” with his sons high-school pals in the Romano SUV.

Finally, the “Everybody Loves Raymond” star offered his aging male fans the one benefit that he has discovered to getting older: direct shots to sagging genitals frankly don’t hurt like they used to.

“It’s like punching a curtain,” Romano said, allowing everyone to visualize the reverberations.

Watch the clips: