Re-Opening Movie Theaters Is Not as Easy as Politicians Make it Sound | Podcast

Simply announcing they can open does not mean they can do so in a timely fashion

Georgia governor Brian Kemp announced this week his intention to open movie theaters on April 27. But he cannot just snap his fingers and make it happen — there are a lot of moving parts involved and a lot needs to be done before this can happen.

On this week’s episode of “TheWrap-Up” podcast, hosts Sharon Waxman and Daniel Goldblatt were joined by TheWrap’s movie reporters, Jeremy Fuster and Trey Williams, to go over what it would take for movie theaters to be able to re-open.

“It still isn’t exactly clear how many theaters are going to take this option to open, but even if they wanted to open as soon as possible, it’s really not feasible for any movie theater to open next week,” Fuster explained. “There are a lot of hurdles that still have to be overcome. Among them, they would have to re-train all their employees to operate under strict social distancing protocols, like separating seats and maybe entire rows … There will be deep cleaning practice, every single auditorium, and probably the bathrooms and public spaces, too … So even if they were to bring back their employees that were furloughed when the lockout started, there’s still a significant amount of training that would have to be done there.”

You can watch the video above and listen to the full podcast in the embed below.

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Daniel Goldblatt

Assistant Managing Editor • Twitter: @DanielGoldblatt


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