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Read the Funniest Bit From Bernie Sanders’ Not So Funny NY Daily News Interview

Seriously, it’s hysterical, but we don’t recommend readers take up Sanders’ suggestion to ”jump over the turnstile“ on the subway

Bernie Sanders’ interview with the editorial board of the New York Daily News last week was not his best. After the paper released the full transcript of the exclusive sit-down on Monday, Sanders was slammed for his answers on bank regulation and even gun control.

But buried in all the political talk is one really funny bit that we couldn’t help but share.

For all you New Yorkers out there, this part needs no explanation. But if you’ve never been to the Big Apple, here’s a little hint as to why this part is funny (well, that and the fact that the paper clearly wanted to see if Sanders is a man of the people — a test he seemed to fail miserably).

And here’s the transcript of what could be the best part of the Sanders’ interview:

Daily News: I know you’ve got to go in a second. When was the last time you rode the subway? Are you gonna campaign in the subway?

Sanders: Actually we rode the subway, Mike, when we were here. About a year ago? But I know how to ride the subways. I’ve been on them once or twice.

Daily News: Do you really? Do you really? How do you ride the subway today?

Sanders: What do you mean, “How do you ride the subway?”

Daily News: How do you get on the subway today?

Sanders: You get a token and you get in.

Daily News: Wrong.

Sanders: You jump over the turnstile.

Daily News: We would like our photographer to be there when you jump over the turnstile.

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