‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Cynthia and Kim Hug it Out

GUEST BLOG: On “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree’s ring zinger withers Damon’s wedding plans and Kroy gets back in the picture at Kim’s mansion

Those that said Kim would never hold a black baby have all had to answer to the wigged one.

This week it was Cynthia. Cynthia and Kim were the only ladies that showed up to Phaedra’s son Ayden’s dedication ceremony. And that provided the perfect setting for those two to hug it out after awkward silences and forced conversations during the reception.

The ceremony itself was replete with flower girls, bell ringers, attendants and more. It was the over-the-top extravagance Phaedra is known for with honorary housewife Dwight in the background making the pomp and circumstance happen.

Ensuring no marriage ceremony happens for her daughter, Sheree took the would-be fiancé, Damon, ring shopping, demanded he get her daughter the ring she deserved, and scoffed at what he could afford.

The poor guy mentioned his $40,000 in student loan debt when presented with a $40,000 ring and Sheree didn’t bat an eyelash, as if to say, “And? Your point is?”

Well Damon made his point very clear when he told Sheree that he was no longer ready to propose. Shamed out of an engagement, Damon will probably insists on eloping the next time. Sheree can see the ring in the wedding picture — on a postcard.

Although only gone a month and located an hour away, Kroy was missed greatly while away at football camp and was happily welcomed home. Hugs, kisses and then a tour of their home commenced.

Kim was eager to show him the new pictures adorning the massive walls of their mansion. No longer just photos of her, Kroy was now included in the frame. Maybe Sweetie hung the portraits before she was fired?

Yes, Sweetie was fired, but alas no footage. We found out the same way Kroy and the kids did — Kim’s casual mention.

All the buildup in these prior weeks for nothing.

Next week?!

Kim has a surprise. A proposal not thwarted by Sheree? And a ring that does mean a thing?

A spin-off looming, the answer is yes.