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‘Real Housewives of Miami’s’ Joanna Krupa Says Adriana’s Wedding ‘Is More Like a Vow Renewal’

The outspoken model previews what's to come on the Bravo series' third season

Bravo has been heavily promoting Joanna Krupa and Adriana de Moura's dueling weddings on the third season of "The Real Housewives of Miami," which debuts Monday at 9/8c.

But, Krupa doesn't consider the two unions equal given January tabloid reports that de Moura and fiance Frederic Marq had been issued a marriage license in Dec. 2008. De Moura claims that she and her finance never had the ceremony.

"Her wedding is more like a vow renewal," Krupa told TheWrap.

"She's been married for almost five years," the model continued. "It's like you're pregnant or you're not pregnant. You can't really say 'I'm married but I really wasn't married.' You're married. I felt like she lied to the audience. For two years, she told the audience she didn't think she could trust love again so people would sympathize with her when she was really married to this man."

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We spoke with Krupa about her own wedding, but also cast changes and catfights on the upcoming third season.

TheWrap: How would you describe Season 3?
Krupa: A lot of betrayal, a lot of lies, manipulation. There are friendships that fall apart. There are alliances that are different from last season. It's a rollercoaster ride between Adriana and Lea [Black] and then Lisa [Hochstein] and I have some issues we went through. It was just a very weird situation between friends. People who you thought would never have any problems with each other do.

What were your thoughts on Karent Sierra leaving the show?
I was very surprised. She was a big part of the cast and one of my closest friends. So, when I heard the news that she wasn't coming back, I was heartbroken. She's just a sweet person. It was definitely a bummer to hear.

What are your thoughts on Marysol Patton and Ana Quincoses stepping down from regular to recurring roles?
I think fewer girls are better. Last year, I thought there were too many storylines. I think now the audience can focus on each girl. For the cast to be a little smaller, I thought it was a good idea.

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Why are you so bothered by the discovery that Adriana has been married all this time?
I took it personally, because she had the nerve to say that [fiancé Romain Zaga] and I had broken up for press. Yet, anyone who watched last season could tell that we were having a bumpy road in our relationship and for her to say something so hateful was very upsetting.

You and Romain had some real relationship challenges last season. What has changed between then and now that would lead to getting married?
He has a business in Miami and spends a lot of time here. I wasn't willing to put my life on hold for him and spend more time in Miami like I did in the beginning of our relationship. So, I felt that kind of deteriorated the relationship. He saw that as me not being as serious about the relationship. We were really bad at committing with each other. Last season really opened up our eyes and made us realize we have to stop taking each other for granted. We need to respect and love each other. Otherwise, the relationship is doomed. After we were done filming the show, we broke up for a little bit and that's when I had time to think about our relationship.

You've been very open about not being sexually fulfilled with Romain. Have you two found a compromise there?
We've been to a sex therapist. We've done role-playing. And, let's face it I'm always going to complain. I'm just the type of girl that wants more than I'm getting, so maybe I'll always complain. We definitely work on it through the season and I couldn't believe he went to a sex therapist. So, he's willing to work on it. 

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