‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Reunion Trailer: Danielle and Margaret Face Off, Teresa Storms Off Set (Video)

And Andy Cohen is stressed out

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Reunion trailer is here. And from alleged death threats, private investigators claims and a call from Teresa Giudice’s ex-husband Joe, the tanner is all off. 

It’s been a long 15-episode ride, and fans have finally made their way to the first installment of “RHONJ’s” three-part reunion. In the series’ season finale, Danielle Cabral told Melissa Gorga about the rumor — which she heard from Jennifer Aydin — that she cheated on her husband Joe Gorga. In the same breath, Cabral stood up against Margaret Joseph’s calling for the other cast members to open their eyes to Joseph’s alleged “arsenal” of information that she keeps on the ladies.     

This all happened at Dolores Catania’s Irish-themed extravaganza, and it ended with Joseph bringing up Aydin’s husband infidelity and Giudice and Gorga going at it over the cheating rumor. 

Fast-forward to the first part of the reunion, there seems to be nothing off limits…per usual.

“I know you hate me but try to control yourself,” Gorga said to her sister-in-law Guidice in the first few second of the trailer clip. But then it was Giudice’s turn to throw some punches, who called Josephs a “devil.” Aydin came with more heat for Josephs, referring to her as an “old lady.” But the drama wasn’t just between the women of the show, there husbands took their fair share of shot, most of which were aimed at Giudice’s now-husband Luis Ruelas. 

On a lighter note, friend of the show, Jennifer Fessler, joined the party and spilled more details on her alleged encounter with actor James Gandolfini. 

“I wasn’t always this old hag,” Fessler joked. 

The reunion dives into Catania’s beau still being legally married, Cabral’s strained relationship with her brother, the Aydin’s marital woes, Rachel Fuda’s adoption battle and of course more Gorga family issues. 

Here’s a breakdown of everything you can expect to see in the reunion. 

“Reunion Part 1” airs Tuesday, May 30 at 8pm ET/PT

After a tumultuous season, the ladies of the Garden State reunite for an epic showdown. Dolores dives deeper into her relationship with Paul. Danielle and Rachel’s feud hits a new tipping point. Teresa makes shocking new allegations against Melissa, which places even more strain on the relationship between Gorgas and the Giudices. 

“Reunion Part 2” airs Tuesday, June 6 at 8pm ET/PT

As the reunion continues, Jennifer and Rachel continue their nose job jabs. Margaret opens up about her ex-husband’s death. New revelations from Jennifer make Danielle question her friend’s intentions. Some startling claims against Louie cause an ugly battle to brew between Rachel, Margaret, and Teresa.  

“Reunion Part 3 airs Tuesday, June 13 at 8pm ET/PT

The reunion concludes as the New Jersey men join the stage for a ferocious faceoff. John and Frank speculate on Louie’s involvement with a private investigator. Paul and Dolores tackle tough questions about their future. Teresa and Joe’s tempers boil over, causing what was once a tight brother and sister bond to reach its lowest point.