Listen to Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell Sing ‘The Real Love Boat’ Theme (Video)

CBS shared the opening scenes from the Fall reality dating show, introducing the cast and its own captain, cruise director and matchmaking bartender

Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn in "The Real Love Boat" (CBS)
Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn in "The Real Love Boat" (CBS)

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell aren’t just hosting “The Real Love Boat” – they’re singing the show’s theme song! And you can hear it now.

CBS released the opening for its upcoming reality dating competition show on Friday. So, after setting up the show and meeting the ship’s captain, cruise director and bartender in the clip, it jumps to the theme, showing the singles in those familiar cast and guest star bubbles. Romijn and O’Connell provide the vox behind it, as they belt out the classic and unforgettable tune.

CBS also released details of the ship’s crew on Friday, including ship captain Paolo Arrigo, bartender Ezra Freeman and cruise director Matt Mitcham. Arrigo, 46, has spent more than 25 years at sea, having joined Princess Cruises as a deck cadet in 1996 after serving for a year in the Italian Coast Guard. Freeman, 26, joined Princess Cruises in 2019 and calls matchmaking a passion. Mitcham, 36, hails from Canada. He had his own “Love Boat” experience meeting his wife on a cruise in 2016.

“It’s super, super fun and it brings back the feels as we always like to say as we’re watching it,” executive producer Jay Bienstock told TheWrap when we spoke to him about the new reality series for our Fall TV Preview. 

The full group of singles set to step aboard the Mediterranean cruise in search of love are as follows:

Name: Alisa Shah
Age: 24
Home: San Diego, California

Name: Brett De Laura
Age: 36
Home: Dana Point, California

Name: Brooke White
Age: 34
Home: Los Angeles, California

Name: Daniel Cooper
Age: 25
Home: Atlanta, Georgia

Name: Emily Stone
Age: 24
Home: Colgate, Wisconsin

Name: Forrest Jones
Age: 30
Home: Houston, Texas

Name: Jordan Malabanan
Age: 26
Home: Windsor, Ontario

Name: Marty Hassett
Age: 33
Home: Charlotte, North Carolina

Name: Michael Gonzalez
Age: 35
Home: New York City / Los Angeles, California

Name: Nathan Kroger
Age: 24
Home: Cincinnati, Ohio

Name: Nicole Wong
Age: 28
Home: Vancouver, British Columbia

Name: Shea-Lynn Noyes
Age: 28
Home: Toronto, Ontario