‘Real Time': Blame Harvey Weinstein’s Fall on ‘Sublimated Anger’ at Trump (Video)

Former Hollywood Reporter editor was Bill Maher’s top of the show guest on Friday’s episode

Last Updated: October 21, 2017 @ 10:28 AM

Bill Maher and former Hollywood Reporter editor Janice Min ripped into disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein on Friday night’s “Real Time,” drawing parallels between him and President Donald Trump.

“I’ve heard the conservatives say, ‘It took a village to help Harvey Weinstein,’ but it also took a village to elect the other sex predator,” Maher said, refereeing to the POTUS.

Min said that the “feeding frenzy” surrounding Weinstein is the result of “sublimated anger towards Trump,” noting that October marked one year since the release of his infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. Trump wasn’t punished for bragging about grabbing women “by the p—y” — but Min said Weinstein got the “crime and punishment” Trump didn’t.

Under her tenure at THR, Min said she had difficulty publishing a story about Weinstein, largely because “no one in seven years would ever go on the record and say he sexually assaulted someone.” She also noted that her first hire was Kim Masters, who recently broke the story detailing sexual harassment accusations against Amazon Studios’ Roy Price (and has since resigned).

Min said Masters once asked Weinstein during an off-the-record interview about rumors that he rapes women, though she declined to say how he replied. “It definitely didn’t make me doubt all the smoke that was in the air,” Min said.

Maher was off last week, as the Weinstein scandal grew, and tried to make up for lost time Friday. He joked that because of Weinstein, “Trump dropped 92 spots on Forbes’ list of richest Americans. He also dropped to number two on Forbes’ list of disgusting sex predators.”