‘Real Time’: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Teases Run for Office, Still Dodges Specifics Like a Ninja

Michael Avenatti was Bill Maher’s top-of-the-show guest on Friday’s “Real Time”

Bill Maher Michael Avenatti
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Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, suggested he might one day run for office during Friday night’s episode of “Real Time” with Bill Maher.

“As you know, there’s a small matter I’m presently focused on,” said Avenatti, when Maher asked him if he saw a future in politics. “But we will see how that goes. And, I’ll tell you what: If, at the end of that, you decide that makes sense for me, I’ll do it!”

While the colorful attorney had plenty of snappy things to say, he did not say anything too specific about what, if anything, might be coming from the unfolding drama between Trump and his client, Daniels.

Asked by Maher how he feels about his “newfound fame,” he said: “Wait until we actually accomplish something in the coming months.”

Asked what’s coming, Avenatti said he believes he’ll get “an opportunity to depose” Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, “in the next 60 days.”

Maher was skeptical about this, noting that Trump is somewhat above the law, and likely could only be convicted of wrongdoing via impeachment, which would require supermajorites in both houses of congress. “You think he’ll give a f—?” Maher asked.

“He should,” Avenatti countered, adding that refusing to appear in court if ordered would set off “a constitutional crisis.”

Avenatti said that he think’s Trump’s big weakness is Cohen, who is under federal investigation for what the Washington Post reports are possible charges of bank fraud, wire fraud and violations of campaign finance law.

“What we’re seeing is the dominoes are already starting to fall. I truly believe this is the Achilles’ heel of the president. He has trusted a moron with his innermost secrets,” Avenatti said. “The problem is that he has surrounded himself, in his adult life, with people that are incompetent, and the chickens are going to come home to roost.”

Avenatti added that “there is reason to believe Michael Cohen was undertaking efforts to destroy documents.”