‘Rear Window’ Aiming for Broadway From Makers of ‘Ladder 49’

"Rear Window," best known as a classic Hitchcock film, was actually based on a noirish short story

"Rear Window," a tidy examination of the dangers and attractions of voyeurism, is coming to Broadway.

Though the team behind the proposed show is stressing that they will be adapting the 1942 short story "Rear Window," the noirish tale is best known as the basis for the Alfred Hitchcock film classic, starring a wheelchair-bound Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly at her ice goddess pinnacle.

"Rear Window" was written by author, Cornell Woolrich before being turned into the 1954 film.

Bringing the tale of a snooping semi-invalid and the murder he may have witnessed to the Great White Way will be Charlie Lyons, a producer of films like "Spy Games" and "Thirteen Days," Jay Russell, the director of "My Dog Skip," and Tim Guinee, an actor on NBC’s “Revolution."

Lyons and Russell have collaborated for over a decade on a variety of projects including the 2004 John Travolta-Joaquin Phoenix film, "Ladder 49." Guinee also appeared in the firefighter drama.

“This is a tremendously exciting project,” Lyons said in a statement. “We are assembling a world-class team of artists to bring this timeless thriller to the stage.”

The producers did not say when or where the show will be mounted. They also said they were in talks with "top" directors and playwrights to adapt the short story.