Reba McEntire Breaks ‘Fried Ceiling’ as First Female Colonel Sanders in KFC Ad

Twitter reacts to country star becomes first woman to portray KFC founder

The glass ceiling has been finally been shattered — for KFC commercials.

Country icon Reba McEntire is the first female to don Colonel Sanders’ white wig and mustache, and sings and dances in an upcoming KFC ad. She even pulls double duty in the commercial, with the colonel throwing a hat on, well, herself, while sitting in the crowd.

McEntire will star in a few ads between now and April. Check out the first one below:

McEntire joins an impressive group of celebrities, including Ray Liotta, Norm Macdonald, and Rob Riggle, to portray the man famous for his seven herbs and spices.

“I said ‘Holy smokes!’,” McEntire told The AP on being tapped to play Sanders. “KFC has been a part of my life forever.”

You know who else said holy smokes? Twitter. The jokes were coming in hot on Friday, with some saying she’s the “first Colonel Sanders who has been told to smile more.”

The “fried ceiling” is now a thing of the past.

Bloomberg’s Nick Turner pointed out it’s not the same as a female president but “it’s…uh, something?”

It’s the “biggest story of the year,” Calvin Stowell tweeted sarcastically.

Fix the food? Eh, how about Reba instead, tweeted T.W. Haines.

Presented without comment:

One watchful eye noticed McEntire is the first lady of food ads.

Al Shipley hopes KFC paid Reba as much as the other male leads.

Finally, one discerning Twitter follower actually pointed out to The A.V. Club that Halle Berry beat McEntire to the punch, which isn’t quite true.