Rebecca Ferguson Can’t Get Enough of the ‘Silo’ Set: ‘I Steal So Much Stuff’

“UnWrapped” Podcast: The actress also teases an even more “insane” set for season two of the Apple TV+ series

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There’s a risk to having incredible, practical sets. If you’re Rebecca Ferguson on the set of “Silo,” you end up with a bag full of souvenirs. According to the actress, she steals “so much stuff” from her show.

Appearing on the latest episode of the “UnWrapped” Podcast, the actress noted that she can’t help but pocket a doll here, a brush there. “I steal so much stuff from the set because the things are so amazing,” she said.

The Apple TV+ series, which Ferguson also executive produces, takes place in an underground silo where the last of humanity hides from a toxic world above. The story follows Juliette Nichols (Ferguson) a mechanic from the lower levels of the silo, who finds herself in a leadership role after uncovering dangerous secrets about their society.

While speaking with TheWrap, Ferguson also teased that season two of the sci-fi series will feature an even more “insane” set. Additionally, the Swedish actress hinted that new episodes will be shot in two separate locations and that she has already signed on for a total of four seasons.

During this episode, Ferguson also talks about… 

  • Why she bowed out of the “Mission: Impossible” franchise
  • How she makes people feel “safe” and “heard” on set: “I don’t like hierarchies”
  • Studying trauma to get into character for “Silo”
  • Why she took on the role of ‘Juliette Nichols’ in “Silo,” after initially turning it down
  • What she listens to and watches to make herself cry on camera
  • What she knows, or rather doesn’t know about “Dune 3:” “No one has signed on to the third film… that’s a lot of actors.”

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