Did Jay Leno Steal a Joke From Fox News?

Raiders joke is remarkably similar to one that aired two days prior on “Red Eye”

Last Updated: May 31, 2011 @ 10:31 AM

The hosts of Fox News' "Red Eye" say Jay Leno stole one of his show's jokes.

On the May 24 edition of "Red Eye," contributor Andy Levy made a crack about California prisoners being released on the order of the Supreme Court.

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"Supreme Court orders tens of thousands of California prisoners released," said Levy. "This actually may help the Raiders start selling out their home games again."

"Oh, nicely done," responded host Greg Gutfeld. "You can see, their fans are criminals."

Then, on May 26, Leno unleashed this corker during his opening monologue:

"Bad news for the state of California. The Supreme Court will force the state to release something like 46,000 convicts because of prison overcrowding. But the good news: It looks like the Oakland Raiders will have more season-ticket holders. Yeah, so the stadium will be packed."

Gutfield took the high ground Saturday night by saying that Levy must have traveled into the future, stolen the joke from Leno and then returned to May 24 to tell it on "Red Eye."

Yes, that's probably what happened.

In November, "The Tonight Show" retroactively gave credit for a joke when it used a video montage from Rich Juzwiak's FourFour.com without initially crediting Juzwiak or Kate Spencer, the person who first came up with the idea for the video.

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