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Nat Geo Wild’s ‘Red Zone Dogs': Wanna See Some ‘Very, Very Dangerous’ Pooches? (Exclusive Video)

Let’s get these guys rehabilitated

Nat Geo Wild is getting into dangerous territory with the six-part series “Red Zone Dogs” (working title), TV’s latest problem-dog rehabilitation show.

We know, we know, they’re not bad dogs, they’ve generally just had hard lives — and that’s not unique to the canines on this series.

In TheWrap’s exclusive first look at the show, dog behavior specialist Matt Beisner introduces viewers to some “very, very dangerous” hounds.

Watch the video above.

Beisner works with the most aggressive — and most misunderstood — dogs in the country, per Nat Geo Wild’s official description.

Here’s the rest of the lengthy logline, in the cable channel’s own words:

These are the dogs other trainers won’t touch; the ones that everyone else has given up on, and even recommended be put down. Beisner risks his life and limbs for these animals because, as he says, he used to be like them. Beisner understands deeply how it feels to be a ‘bad dog’. After his own life was saved through personal transformation, Beisner rescued a dog, found his calling, and dedicated his life to saving dogs that have nowhere else to turn. Now, he and his team are helping thousands of owners learn how to handle their aggressive and misunderstood animals, as well as rescuing and rehabilitating dogs from local shelters that have been turned away by every other facility. Each inspiring episode of “Red Zone Dogs” (working title) follows Beisner and his innovative approach to changing canine behavior.  He focuses on the unique needs of each animal, from detachment issues to aggression driven by fear. Even after all he’s seen, Beisner still believes there is no such thing as a bad dog.

“Red Zone Dogs” (working title) is produced by High Noon Entertainment, premieres in July 2019