Reddit Reveals Daily Users for the First Time — Snap and Twitter Have Way, Way More

More users has coincided with an advertising boost, but Reddit’s numbers still pale in comparison to other big names in tech

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Reddit on Tuesday shared for the first time ever how many daily active users it has, telling the Wall Street Journal it has 52 million DAUs. And even with that figure rising quickly, Reddit’s daily user base still falls well short of other major tech platforms like Snapchat and Twitter.

COO Jen Wong told the WSJ Reddit’s DAU count is up 44% from the same time last year — signaling its another platform that’s received a boost due to more people spending time inside and online due to COVID-19. Despite Reddit’s big year-over-year growth on the DAU front, though, it still trails other big-name tech companies. Snapchat recently shared it has 249 million DAUs, for example, and Twitter has 187 million DAUs, even after posting lackluster Q3 growth recently. Facebook is in a social media league by itself, meanwhile, with more than 1.8 billion DAUs, and Instagram, which it owns, had 500 million users posting to Stories each day the last time it shared an update in early 2019.

Previously, Reddit has focused more on its monthly user count when discussing its growth; Reddit last year said it had about 430 million monthly users.

“We’re sharing [daily active users] for the first time as a more accurate reflection of our user growth and to be more in-line with industry reporting,” Wong told the WSJ. “We’re focused on daily usership and increasing this number as we continue to grow our community and scale our advertising business.”

Wong said Reddit’s growth has coincided with a nice boost to its advertising business. Reddit, after making more than $100 million last year from ads, is on track for ad revenue to jump 70% this year.


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