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Reid Scott Describes the Final Day on ‘Veep’ Set: ‘Very Much a Party Atmosphere’ (Video)

”We definitely blew through the end of our catering budget,“ Scott tells TheWrap

“Veep” comes to an end tonight for the series finale, and Reid Scott described that final day on set.

“It was exciting. It really was. It came complete with all the emotion that you would expect, but it was also very much a party atmosphere,” Scott, who plays political ladder-climber Dan Egan, told TheWrap, which you can watch the video above. And since it was the last day on the job, they made sure to get their money’s worth when it came to craft services.

“Lots of food trucks. We definitely blew through the end of our catering budget, which was a treat. Lots of fried dough and Nutella.”

“Veep” airs its supersized (46 minutes) series finale on Sunday, and Scott said that just about everyone from the series’ seven-year run showed up for that last day of filming.

“Everyone turned out. The week leading up to that, our cast was rather large, so we’d sort of be wrapping out a different actor or actress, or multiple, every day for nine days,” Scott continued. “But still, everyone turned up for that last moment and I got to snap a picture on my phone of everyone watching the monitors for the very last take of the entire series.”

Though it wasn’t all fun and games. Scott said he was taken aback by “just how emotional it got towards the end.”

Normally one to keep his emotions in check, Scott said he couldn’t help himself — much to the delight of co-star Tony Hale. “I definitely got picked on a little bit by Tony Hale, who is very emotional, and sort of wondering when I was going to break,” he said. “The very last moment — it was Julia’s last shot — it got to me.”

The series finale of “Veep” will air Sunday at 10:50 p.m. ET/7:50 p.m. PT on HBO.