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Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh Slams Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal: ‘The Fabric of America Is at Risk’ (Guest Blog)

The president’s proposed settlement is a threat to Israel and U.S. interests

Giving Iran the capability to build or even potentially build nukes in the way that is being proposed is akin to handing a bank robber a machine gun in a bank and telling him, “Don’t worry, we will teach you how to properly use it.”

Four U.S. senators have told me that Obama has said to go easy on the Muslim Brotherhood since they are not as bad as they seem.

President Obama has made it clear he does not like Israel and has no desire to support it despite our entire Senate’s support for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

This is a classic frog-and-turtle story. Not only does this deal give Iran nuclear capabilities they have blatantly said they want in order to destroy Israel, on top of that Obama made public Israel’s entire nuclear plans.

Just last week, his threat to the House that if he didn’t get what he wanted was he would cut U.S. defense spending. And the news made it a one line in page 12.

This is the commander and chief of the armed forces and his threat is going to put every American at risk by cutting our defenses. And no one seems to care. This is no different than if he held a gun to an American citizen’s head and said, “I’m gonna pull the trigger unless you approve my bill.” Of course, after he shot him, he may or may not wipe off the blood — but certainly he would go play golf.

When Germany began enslaving Jews, no one believed it; it was page 10 news and people said it was “extremists,” it wasn’t happening. When Rome was falling, did they believe Rome was falling? If so, why didn’t they change their path? Because they sat back as the most powerful nation, listened to their own government telling them all was good and that the government was protecting them.

Why are Americans not looking at history? We are in danger. This is not a Democrat vs. Republican story; this is the very fabric of America at risk.

Why would we stand for a president who allowed Americans to be slaughtered at Benghazi when he had weeks of warning and seemed to defy protocol when it happened? And the person in charge, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was allowed to effectively call the whole affair classified.

Why can we not learn from history? Obama has wanted change since the beginning. It’s like Michelle Obama said during the 2008 campaign, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country.”

Why do people think it’s in our interest to negotiate with a dictatorship that murders hundreds of thousands of people and has outwardly said they want to destroy Israel, America and Jews? But, yes, Mr. Obama, you’re going to teach them, give them plans and nukes and make sure they only use it under your rules.

Rome is falling, and we’re trusting our good ol’ President Obama to create “change.” He’s bringing it all right, the exact change he wanted: Make America just another country controlled by the government as is stated in his Bible, the Communist Manifesto.

Destroy business-building, downgrade NASA, make the people fully reliant on the government and change us into the just another country where the American Dream is dead.

I’m not sure who I’m supporting yet in 2016. What I can say is Israel is our greatest ally. More innovation, art, scientific breakthroughs come directly from Israel. It is also one of the most environmentally conscious country in the world, with 25 percent of its power solar-generated. The population is one-fifth Arab. Arabs serve in Israel’s congress. It is an arts mecca. If we allow Iran to have nukes, we are placing our greatest ally and the one Jewish country in the world at risk.

Whoever I support will understand, as has every president except Obama, the importance of Israel’s existence.

It will be a president who understands that when business grows, jobs get created and people spend more money. More people are employed, more goods are purchased. The wealthy give more in charity. It is undeniable, it is called the multiplier effect and cannot be disputed. Increase taxes, people employ less people and give away less.

Whoever I support will not use American citizens as hostages in their negotiations, like Obama has done.

Whoever I support will not be playing golf as Americans are being beheaded.

Whoever I support will not have spent his entire life as part of anti-American, anti-white hate groups, and then deny he believed any of it when he ran for president.

And whoever I vote for certainly won’t have recordings online saying he believes in the redistribution of wealth and the Constitution is outdated.

Whoever I vote for will be transparent. Obama in his entire presidency has never really answered the hard questions. He steers away from them. Just look up what happens to his speeches when he has no TelePrompter. That shows the real Obama. And that is not the type of president this country needs.

We need a leader. The rich and poor have never been more divided in my lifetime. That’s because this president has made the rich the enemy for not “giving away their money.” My grandparents came here with $10 as Holocaust survivors. When they passed, they owned multiple apartment buildings in Westwood. That’s the American dream, not making the poor hate the rich. In my lifetime there has never been a worse divide between black and white relations, with videos every day and people trying to manipulate them to look like a further breakdown of those relations. That’s a result of this president.

Our next president needs to unite America. Grow business. Protect our citizens as the Constitution promises. Work with our allies. Be the world’s protector. Understand what the multiplier effect is. Most of all, he or she needs to have experience. You cannot be a president if you have never run anything. Textbook leadership does not work.

Ryan Kavanaugh, a film producer and financier, is the founder and current CEO of Relativity Media.

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