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Relax, New York – It’s Not ‘Independence Day,’ Just a Power Plant Explosion

A transformer explosion lit up NYC skies with eerie blue light on Thursday night

If you’re living in New York City and worried about an alien invasion, we feel you.

At around 9:15 p.m. ET, the nighttime NYC sky suddenly lit up with a flashing blue light that was visible all over the city. Words cannot do justice to this event which, we’ll admit from the safety of Los Angeles, looks positively apocalyptic:

Now, before you panic, it’s actually nothing to worry about. The spooky visuals were the result of a transformer explosion at a Con Ed plant in Astoria, Queens, and not evidence of any existential threat posed against the people of New York. And according to NBC, a Con Ed spokesperson said no one was hurt.

But it was at least 20 minutes after the light show started that authorities were able to explain what happened. Plenty of time, in other words, for people to mildly freak out and cope in the traditional way: by joking about the crazy thing they all saw on Twitter.

A lot of people immediately thought of alien invaders — especially the aliens who destroyed the entire world in “Independence Day.”

Funny stuff, but as far as we’re concerned these people have it all wrong. This isn’t what happens when the “Independence Day” aliens finally strike, it’s what happens if some idiot shuts down the Ghostbusters’ containment unit and accidentally summons Gozer the Gozarian. Or maybe it’s immortals trying to kill each other.

Luckily, we’re not the only ones who think so.


Stay safe out there, New York.