HGTV to Import ‘Renovation Island’ Couple’s ‘Bryan Inc’ and Rebrand Series as ‘Renovation, Inc’

Hey, it worked for what was once called “Island of Bryan” in Canada

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler on HGTV's "Renovation Inc."

HGTV is importing and rebranding Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s 2016 Canadian series “Bryan Inc.” Here in the U.S., the “Renovation Island” couple’s second series, which followed “House of Bryan,” is being retitled “Renovation, Inc.”

Hey, the whole renaming thing worked for “Renovation Island,” which was cealled “Island of Bryan” in Canada. Yeah, there was a whole Bryan theme there.

“It’s been so exciting for Sarah and me to share our adventures in The Bahamas with HGTV fans on ‘Renovation Island,’” Bryan said in a statement. “Now, we’re even more excited to go back in time and show you what we were up to before moving to the island and how it all got started.”

On “Renovation Island,” The Baeumlers restored a massive, rundown beachfront resort in The Bahamas.

“Renovation, Inc.” goes back in time to spotlight how Bryan and Sarah built their booming home reno business. Cameras follow Bryan, a licensed contractor, in his home base of Ontario, Canada, as Sarah joined their family-owned construction company as project manager, according to HGTV. Sarah brought her keen eye for design to her new role, but she and Bryan quickly realized that, with their competing tastes and differing visions, they needed to rely on their humor and good-natured banter to work together., the popular cable channel continued. And, they had to do it while juggling multiple renovation projects, demanding client expectations and a busy family life.

HGTV licensed “Renovation, Inc.” from Corus in Canada.  It airs on HGTV Canada.

“Renovation, Inc.” premieres Sunday, Aug. 30 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

Until then, new episodes of “Renovation Island” air Sundays at 8 p.m. A 90-minute season finale is scheduled for Aug. 16.

The following Sunday, HGTV will air a 90-minute special, “Renovation Island: Bryan and Sarah Tell All.”

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