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Rep Jason Spencer Screams the N Word Over and Over on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime Series (Video)

And then the Georgia state representative drops his pants

Rep. Jason Spencer just made it way too easy for Sacha Baron Cohen. The Georgia state representative’s episode of “Who Is America?” premiered on Sunday, and it is pretty easy to see why Spencer threatened to sue Showtime to stop his “training film” from airing.

First, Baron Cohen’s character Cpt. Erran Morad, who is an anti-terror expert who definitely did not spend 13 years in Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, has Spencer try to convince a person wearing a burka that he is a Chinese tourist. The exercise is pitched as a way for Spencer to inconspicuously take what is generally referred to as an “upskirt” photo, looking for a gun and peering at genitals to determine the cloaked individual’s sex.

Not only does Spencer come off badly there with his stereotyping impression, he also uses words (and foods) from the wrong Asian language and culture.

That ignorance is just the beginning.

A bit later in their Krav Maga session, Morad suggests Spencer shout “the n-word” in an exercise on attracting attention to thwart a kidnapping attempt by ISIS. Spencer immediately starts screaming the n-word over and over, before Morad stops him to explain that the word he meant was “noony.”

Next, the not-Mossad veteran teaches Spencer how to use his buttocks “to intimidate ISIS.” Morad explains that ISIS members believe if they are touched by another man’s butt that it will turn them gay. Cut to: Spencer compliantly dropping his drawers and continuing to look like a gigantic fool.

Watch the video above.

New episodes of “Who Is America?” air Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.