Donald Trump Bails on Letterman Appearance Over Racism Claim

Reality star/GOP candidate cancels May 18 “Late Show” appearance with terse letter after the host criticized his comments; camera that Trump won’t shove his face into finally discovered

Last Updated: May 2, 2011 @ 4:37 PM

As unlikely as it seems, Donald Trump has finally found a camera that he doesn't want to shove his face into.

The "Celebrity Apprentice" honcho and potential presidential candidate fired off a letter to "The Late Show With David Letterman," canceling a May 18 appearance because Letternan said Trump's recent actions "smacked of racism," the New York Post reported.

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In the letter, which was addressed directly to Letterman, Trump said he was "disappointed" in Letterman's statements, adding, "there is nobody who is less of a racist than Donald Trump."

Trump went on to inform Letterman that he also would not be participating in a Top 10 list he'd been planning with the "Late Show" crew.

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Letterman invoked the real-estate mogul's ire during Thursday night's episode, during an interview with Trump pal Dr. Phil McGraw.

Taking exception to Trump's questioning of whether President Barack Obama was qualified to attend Columbia University and Harvard Law School, and whether he actually wrote his first book himself, Letterman told McGraw, "It's all fun, it's all a circus, it's all a rodeo until it starts to smack of racism. And then it's no longer fun."

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Trump's dust-up with Letterman is the latest in a string of high-profile scuffles he's had since he announced his interest in running for president and started criticizing Obama on a number of fronts.

Trump exchanged words with Bill Cosby after Cosby opined on "Today" that Trump should "run, or shut up." Similarly, comedian Jerry Seinfeld bailed out on an event for Trump's son's foundation to protest Trump's questioning of Obama's birth certificate.

CBS and a Trump representative did not immediately return calls from TheWrap seeking comment.