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Report: JetBlue Flight Attendant Steven Slater Lands Reality TV Offer

Stone Entertainment wants world’s most famous job quitter to host show, TMZ reports

Steven Slater, ex-JetBlue flight attendant and world’s most famous job quitter, has been offered a reality television show.

TMZ is reporting that Stone & Company Entertainment wants Slater to host a show “in which various disgruntled workers quit their jobs in extravagant ways.”

However, “if Slater's story turns out to be a big hoax” – as some have speculated — the company could rescind its offer.

Slater was hailed as something of a folk hero for the manner in which he quit his job at  JetBlue — specifically, telling a rude passenger to “f— off” over the loudspeaker, grabbing two beers and sliding out the inflatable emergency chute.

But questions have since been raised about Slater’s version of the events, such as the forehead gash Slater said he got from falling luggage.