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Report: BHPD Chief Declares Ronni Chasen Murder Solved

Final ballistics confirm gun used to murder ex-publicist was the same one used in the suicide of the chief suspect

A month after Ronni Chasen was gunned down, the Beverly Hills Police are declaring that her shocking murder has been solved, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Police Chief David Snowden told the trade publication that a final ballistics report once again matches the gun used in Chasen's November 16 murder with the one used by prime suspect Harold Smith used to commit suicide on December 1.

Smith was an ex-convict. Police believe that Smith acted alone and that the publicist's shooting in Beverly Hills was not premeditated. 

Chasen was a fixture of the awards circuit, pushing clients such as Diane Warren and Hans Zimmer for consideration.

Last Sunday, Warren thanked Chasen in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, where she won a Best Song award for her work on "Burlesque."

Chasen had just left the premiere of the musical when she was shot in a residential area of Beverly Hills.

In the aftermath of the hardworking publicist's murder, theories of an ordered assassination, gang initiations, road rage and other speculation swirled.  Her friends maintained, however, that Chasen did not have any enemies.