This Local News Reporter Dressed as a Corgi, Then Did Something Barely SFW (Video)

KTLA’s Mark Mester dresses up as a corgi, to the delight of dogs and furries

There’s something special about local news coverage. Excited reporters go all-in to deliver engaging and informational broadcasts, but their most iconic moments tend to be more about gifs and memes than actual news. Which brings us to the corgi dog costume.

KTLA reporter Mark Mester donned a corgi onesie to visit Huntington Beach and surrounded himself with cute dogs to deliver news of an upcoming Corgi Beach Day. But he began his live shot with a barely SFW intro, posing for the camera and shaking his…

Shaking… his…

Tail. Okay? It turned out to be a tail. (Whew.) But that wasn’t immediately apparent. (Watch the video and note the pause as his colleague tries to explain what, exactly, Mester is shaking.)

“This is what you call givin’ it all for the job,” said Mester. (Onesies like Mester’s have grown incredibly popular over the past decade, spawning from a Japanese trend known as Kigurumi.)

The money shot lasted for a few seconds thanks to a standard delay, before Mester focused the camera on “Daisy,” a corgi who didn’t mind showing off her expertise in obedience for the crowd.

From there, Mester kicked off an interview with one of the event’s organizers. Mester’s cheerful interview focused the cameras solely on the corgis — an expert decision on everyone’s part — several of which were already dressed up and ready for Halloween.

Mester addressed one dog as “a droid from ‘Star Wars’ … the new droid,” which prompted a growl from the corgi, who clearly preferred to be addressed as BB-8.