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Sports Reporter Eats His Newspaper After Losing NFL Draft Bet (Video)

”It’s actually quite tasty,“ says Houston Chronicle’s John McClain after Texans fail to pick a QB as he’d predicted

Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain literally ate his words after losing a bet over the NFL draft.

McClain was so sure the Houston Texans were going to pick a quarterback in the first round, he was willing to eat his paper’s front page if it didn’t happen. The Texans then selected Jadaveon Clowney, a defensive end, and McClain had no choice but to fulfill his side of the bet.

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“When I was a kid, my mama used to say ‘Your big mouth is going to get you in trouble,'” McClain said in the beginning in the video. “Well, my big mouth finally got me in trouble. I’m just glad my mama’s not around to see it.”

McClain then devours a strip of his sports front page, mixing it in with some tuna.

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“It’s actually quite tasty,” McClain said. “I may eat the Chronicle every day.”

Watch the video above.

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