Reporter Gets Sick During President Obama Press Conference (Video)

POTUS asks, “I’m sorry, what’s going on? Somebody’s not feeling good?”

President Barack Obama delivered his end-of-year news conference on Friday, but a sick reporter interrupted the event.

Obama noticed the commotion and asked, “I’m sorry, what’s going on? Somebody’s not feeling good?”

The president then asked if somebody could go find his personal doctor, who has an office in the White House.

Obama tried to continue with his comments to the press, but he noticed that the reporter still wasn’t being attended to. He paused again while reiterating his desire for staffers to find the doctor, saying, “in the meantime, just give her a little room.”

At one point Obama asked, “Do you guys know where the doctor’s office is?”

The president was clearly concerned and appeared relieved when the doctor showed up.

“There’s Doc Jackson… OK, doctor’s in the house,” Obama said when he finally noticed the reporter receiving treatment.

Check out the video above.